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Three days ago was my 26th birthday anniversary (9 November). Time flew so fast and I hate to admit this fact that I’m in the second half of 20s. Today blog will start from an untold story happened in my 25th birthday. Then, I will state my only wish I want. Instead of posting long status on my Facebook or somewhere else. I decided to summarize it into this blog post.

An Untold Story

On my 25th birthday, I was still a graduate student in USA. And, I was not at my town at that time. I went to Boston for Boston career forum which was an event held of people who want to work in Japan. In my opinion, almost all of companies want Japanese people who can communicate English well. However, I heard that some non-Japanese people also participate in this event too. So, I got my second chance to do a Japanese job hunting after I missed the first one two years ago due to my illness.

Since the event was held only two days and a half. Every participant including me has really tough schedule. I think I did 13-15 interviews within that event. (One of my Japanese friend did even more than 20 interviews within that two days and a half period.) Besides interviewing, some companies invited applicants to join them dinner. I had not heard anything like that before, I accepted the invitation from an IT company immediately. (No reason to decline a free meal at all)

Especially, one of board director walked to me and start an conversation while we were walking to the restaurant.

That dinner was really fun one. I had a chance to talk with many people in that IT company. Everyone was kind and friend people which was quite different from other companies. Especially one of board director walked to me and start an conversation while we were walking to the restaurant. (I did not know he was one of a broad director at that time before he introduced himself in the dinner.) It was really impressive experience.

After a dinner, I joined them to a hotel bar (second place). I had a chance to talk with more people and time flew so fast. Fast enough to pass the midnight of 8 November in New York time zone. (My birthday is 9 November and I think you already got what I wanted to tell.) After I got back to the hotel, I did prepared for the next day interviews and fell asleep in the short time.

When I woke up in the morning, I normally checked my email. One of them was an email from the last night IT company HR which is asking me for a time schedule to have an additional interview with their board director. I went to the interview normally. In the end of the interview, he said an unexpected thing to me.

“Mr. Zeal, would you like to work with us?” (As you know, I had a long full name, so I also introduced them my nickname.)

“!!@#!” A little surprise after I heard that unexpected sentence.

“Thank you”, that was all I could reply.

“For the rest of the information, we will contact you later.”

That was my first 25th birthday present I got. (which I think that was the one that made me happiest) You don’t have to guess for the name of the company anymore. IT company I mentioned in this blog is “CyberAgent Inc.” A company which I’m currently working for.

The thing happened on that day has a big impact for me to accept their offer. After I chose to work in Japan due to I prioritize my happiness more than everything, then I thought that I should choose the best company that I can enjoy working there prior anything else. (I was really happy living in Japan more than USA. I like Japanese people more, I like my daily life more, and of course I like foods in Japan more)

I think that’s it for my last birthday untold story.

Boston Career Forum

(One year passed, did I change a lot?)

End …

Finally, thank you for every birthday wish and messages you gave me. And also thanks for reading my uncatagorized blog. Actually, I tried many times to write articles in general topics which everyone (who does not know me) can read easily. However, I failed again and again. I will try again soon but don’t know when it will be able to come out.

If you are interested please come visit here again, thank you.



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