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Since today is the day my dry-aged beef reached 42-th day, I decide to write a new blog after I stopped posting one more than a year. After I explained it to many friends, I decided to write it in words here. By the way, I don’t know the exact science behind this unless the meat became so fascinated. If you want to look up for more details, please try google the other resources.

Zero day

At first I did not plan to write a blog post at all, so I have photos of zero-day beef only from my instagram. I got this one from nearby supermarket. (I asked a staff for the biggest size of the steak and they gave me this.) The price was shown in Japanese Yen excluding 8% tax. (Gosh…) Let me spoil you first that I do not regret paying this amount at all.


Before I continue to the dry-aged beef. I would like to introduce myself first. My name is “Zeal”. I’m working as an engineer in a mobile game department. However, my hobby is eating and cooking foods. As you might tell, I take my hobby seriously (maybe more than my main job).


42-th day

Here we are, our main actor is here. Outside of the chunk is so dark and tough like a block of coal.


Let’s zoom in closely. This dry-aged beef was made inside a normal fridge for 42 days. I heard that it would be better if you have a special space/machine. (Please look up for more details if you are interested)


Diamond is inside

After I took many photos, I cut the blade into my beloved beef chunks and “WOW”. Super handsome one was waiting for me inside.


Cut dark pieces of meat for a while, and the right side is a result I was expecting since the first day. Of course, I know that the left side is a waste but I want to say that’s worth doing again.


Let’s compare before and after one again 🙂



I cut and trim the meat into 2-inch thickness steaks. I got 6 of them with this size.


Before I go, I will leave you with the handsome. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to grill it immediately so I had to put them into a freezer. I will have it later when I came back from a trip.


End …

I know that I was so lazy on updating a blog. But I’m back anyways. If you like it, please at least say hi or leave some comments to me.

Thanks for coming to the party. See you again next time.



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