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Last Monday, I walked in this culinary field farther ever I have ever did after I spent couple of years playing around with foods. Now, I’m a night-time culinary student at HATTORI nutrition school, one of famous culinary schools in Japan.


A system engineer, I have been wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt at work for a while. Today, I got a new white uniform with blue scarf and tall hat here. (It’s kind of different mixed feelings for me.)

On the first week, the school distributed a knife set(actually I paid for it in a tuition.) 3 Japanese-style knives, 4 western-style knives, 1 Chinese cleaver knife, a Sharpening stone and two pairs of chopsticks inside. To be honest, I’m really chilled and excited when I saw it in my hands. I promise an article about knives in the future. I will explain its difference and how we suppose to use them separately soon.


Student life

It has been a while since I was spending my days in student life. I felt I walked back into high school gate. (clearly not university.) I felt excited on the first day because I was going to meet new friends. Teachers introduced many rules such as absence sheet submission, students’ hair needed to remain natural color, students’ nails have to be cut and clean properly, male students cannot have hair longer enough to cover ears and of course no facial hair are allowed.

Following the first week, there were many orientation sections starting from classroom introductions, school facilities, tools, uniforms. However, I want to share some impressions I got in this week within this post.

First, the principal talked about this on the orientation.

“I think everyone know that every chef usually have a bite or a spoon of food to taste a dish after they cooked. That was a wrong way to think that your food is okay after you tasted it in one bite. (This talk does not count frequent cooked menus.)”

How come having only a bite of food will give a same experience of having a whole dish?”

“If a chef thought through only a bite had a perfect taste, the dish taste is too much. How come having only a bite of food will give a same experience of having a whole dish?”

“The most important thing of being a chef is not cooking a good one but tasting it in a correct way. So, I recommended you guys to eat more and train your tongue more. Next time you cook new recipes, don’t forget to eat a whole dish before you serve it to others”

(Now I got an excuse to find some new good foods to eat. Forget about my greedy image. I’m doing it for my own intuitions.)

Impression 2

Second impression was school curriculum coordinator story when he was explaining about school attendance rules

“Indeed, the rule said we will count you as late not absence if you come to the class within 30 minutes. But that number is only a rule.”

“I want to tell you guys a story. Couple of years ago, there was a big news. There was a death of 15-year-old girl after she had a not-enough-cooked chicken at the restaurant. At the age of 15, many things are going to happen if she is still alive. Of course, her family, her friends and her relatives are totally sad about their loss.”

“Although it’s quite a rare case, do you think that restaurant chefs will be able to remove this sadness from his memory. The sin will stay with them forever. Their food killed a girl because of their clumsiness”

“Do they know about this before they served it? I think they know. You will learn about it later on if you are going to take all of the classes. The point I want to say is you should not think that you are going to be fine even you did not come to the class. You should not think that you will just do it and other people will have your back and cover it for you.

“You walked into this field. So, you must know that you have to take a responsibility with customers’ healthiness from now on. Their lives are on you.”

” You walked into this field. So, you must know that you have to take a responsibility with customers’ healthiness from now on. Their lives are on you. If you cannot come to the class or come to a class late, please catch it up later because you might need that in the future.”


Work on day, study at night

Up to this point, you might wonder why I’m here. Actually I’m not quite sure whether I’m in a right direction or not too. I have been thinking about this again and again until I got this conclusion. I have to work as a system engineer as my main job on day time and go to a school after work every weekday. (To pay a tuition and bills for my living here in Japan.) Another reason behind this is also I’m hesitating about my own future.”

Moreover, I also think that I might find some co-relations on both food and technology and make a product from its in the future too. It’s true that I’m taking a hard route for now but I think it is the best way for me know.

From now on, I decided to come back to my own blog. I promise I will keep updating my blog at least once a week. I will tell stories about food or school here. I might review some of my favorite restaurant experience here in Tokyo too. If you like it, please give me some feedback and comments. (Below is my selfie picture in a full school uniform. Please ignore my dread face. (-_-!))


To be continued …



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