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A year ago, I posted a blog about my homemade dry-aged beef in my normal fridge. See here -> At Home Dry-Aged Beef. Today, I upgraded it with a new gadget called “The SteakAger”. I started aging the beef again a little before I post this blog. So this blog series is going to be a note about dry aging beef.

What exactly is a dry aging?


Last time, I didn’t go into details of dry aging at all. So I will use this post to explain a little bit about dry aging. Basically, dry-aged beef is a beef that was left to be dried with air controlled by humidity and temperature. With this method, the taste will become more intense, the meat will be softened. Since I’m Thai, I knew only some famous dry-aged steakhouse in Bangkok such as Arno’s Butcher and Eatery and El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse. I think some Thai meat-lovers who already visited these places already had ideas why I come this far for a dry-aged beef.

However, I’m in Japan now. I could not go to above places when I want. Plus, I just want to try it at home. After I got a lecture about this topic from a school, I was really pushed to do this. So I ended up ordering “The SteakAger” and start this blog post. Before I jump to The SteakAger, let me walk you guys to the dry-aged beef pros/cons first.

Pros of dry aging


  1. Intense taste – The taste will become more intense because the humidity inside the meat is gone. It should be the same when we taste a boiled noodle soup too much so the ingredients and flavour became more intense.
  2. Softened meat – Since some muscle fibers inside the meat will be cut down, so the meat will be softened than normal.
  3. Stronger smell – This one I would say it is a pro for me. But some people might consider it as cons. The smell will become stronger. Hardly to describe it into words but it will smell more like boiled coffee.

How’s about cons?

  1. Meat will rot – I think this is the worst cons for dry aging. As you can see on the picture, the meat will be rotted and turned black after a while. For example, 10 kg meat may rot and left only 7 kg edible part left. Therefore, increases the price of dry aged meat is a consequence.
  2. Meat will shrink – As I mentioned before, the meat will lose the humid from time to time. So the meat weight will be decreased as well as its size.
  3. Crisis of fridge – Doing dry aging at home takes a lot of space inside your fridge. Moreover, it might cause the odour too. Please discuss it with your roommates(or families) before you start any dry aging project.

About The SteakAger

The SteakAger is dry aging gadget (See more details at TheSteakAger). This machine helps me to do dry aging correctly like its name. I received this machine after I ordered it to my friends and asked my family to bring it to me here to Japan later. It turned out that the cost is almost the same as direct shipping fee from SteakAger guys because of overweighted airline fee. This SteakAger was designed to be assembled at home like this. (Please refer to below screenshot.)


I spent like 20 minutes on assembling it (To be honest, I was confused with an assembly manual.) After I finished it, I put it in my fridge and start aging 1.6 kg roast rib and 2 kg striploin inside.

I have to mentioned again that I live alone, so I don’t have any problem about fridge crisis at all. (Also, I received this family size fridge from my Japanese friend made my life much easier, Thanks:) )If you are considering to do this, please plan ahead for space.


Besides the normal functions of the SteakAger, this gadget comes with Wifi transmitter that transmits the data to the server. Therefore, I could access it anywhere. This is my current data for my meats.


3 days passed red became black

According to my own experience, the meat became so dark. And this is an evidence I try to show my friend how awesome the SteakAger is/p>


At first I planned to make it 42 days but I don’t think the steak will be left if I wait that long. So I consult it with my teacher at a school. He advised me to try eating it as asoon as possible. Then, observe the rotten part and try to replan it again. So I decided to change it to 14-day-goal instead. When everything is set, I will post the next part here again.

To be continued…

This time I would like to make this as another series on my blog. I will keep updating it as soon as everything is set (after my stomach was filled). As always, please leave any comments/critics/feedback here. I will see you guys soon. Bye!!



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