A Decent Tour at Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros (2-star Michelin Restaurant)

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This time I will bring you to a tour on a full-course meal at Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros. It is my first time writing a review here. Please also note that the content in English is a summary version of a blog post. If you want more details and you can understand Thai, please switch the language.

About Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros

According to my reseach, Cuisine[s] Michel Troisgros has an original restaurant at Paris by Michel Troisgros which is the third generation of Troisgros family.

Because the restaurant is in Japan, they will serve French made from Japanese materials. So it would be totally different from authentic French meal.

Entre vos doigts [3.5/5]

These three are quite nice for me especially second one which has cream curry filled inside fried rice.

Amuse bouche [4/5]

Mackerel served in red yuzu kosho jelly was a nice presentation for me. Normally, Japanese yuzu kosho is green. The color made it different. In my opinion, I still prefer green so I would give only 4 of out 5.

Dentelle de Sayori, concombre et kinkan-kosho [4.5/5]

March is a season for Japanese well-known “sayori” fish. It was served with slices of cucumber and kumquat sauce. The combination of the sweet tastes between kumquat sauce and sayori are extremely nice for me.

L’authentique escalope de saumon a l’oseille [5/5]

A signature dish here at Michel Troisgros is salmon in cream sauce. This dish is totally brilliant. The sweetness inside two types of cream but have sorrel leave sourness. The Salmon was also cooked perfectly. This is a dish worth dining at 2-star restaurant.

Chevreuil de Tottori, betterave et arbouse [4.5(+ Truffle 0.5)/5]

the Last dish before the desserts but not least is deer steak from Tottori prefecture. This is my first time having deer. The meat is soft as similar as beef fillet but flavour and smell are different. I would say the dish is perfect but It was an option to put black truffle on top of it. I don’t think the dish itself is nice enough to get full marks without black truffle so I gave only 4.5 out of 5.

Du sel au sucre [5/5]

Another dish I gave 5 points because the combination of the dish from the new Japanese mikan called “Setoka” and the sweetness of the dish.

Fraiandises [4/5]

This dish is nice but not enough to give me a wow effect. Maybe I had a lot of good sweets in Japan so I would say I could buy the same level of this dish in normal shops in Japan.

This is “Nice” [5/5]

Last dish of the course came with a postcard explained the dish as a gimmick. I like the taste as much as the postcard idea here.

Final thought

I like a whole course and I think it is worth paying the price. However, I would have to spend the same amount on other restaurants to learn more about food. So I don’t think I will have this course again so soon.

To be continued…

I mentioned before that English version is shorter than Thai one. Since I wrote the review so long, it would take so much time to spend translating it. I decided to summary it into shorter version.

Anyways, this is my first review. So please let me know what do you think about it. Thanks in advance.



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