Six Dishes I Got By One Fish

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A red snapper is one of the most popular fish in Japanese foods. I was told from my teachers that Japanese chefs can always use almost a whole fish to cook many dishes.

Before we go through this, I have to tell you that this is only my third time filleting this size of fish. I will keep practicing but I’m still on my way there.

Red Snapper

I believe many Japanese cuisine lovers must taste this fish in any forms. I used to have it as a white sashimi. Of course, I do like it very much so I try to reproduce that by myself. That’s how it got me here.


This time I split a whole fish into four parts. First are its bones and its head. Second are its stomach fillet. Third are upper body fillet. A final part is a chunk of meat that I got nearby its bone (Some parts I didn’t manage to cut it well). I will go through these parts while going with menu by menu below.


Two styles of sashimi here, an upper one had a skin on its. I poured a cup of boiled water on top of it and then put the whole fillet into a cold water to stop cooking process. A bottom one was non-skin fillet which I guess you might see it before in a Japanese restaurant.

Before I cut another part, I sandwich it with kombu (Japanese seaweed) and rest it for 2-3 hours. So we will get another umami taste on the sashimi.

Some sushi restaurant served red snapper marinated with sakura in this season too. It tasted totally different. So, I would recommend you to try it if you visit Japan around spring.

Another sashimi idea

カルパッチョ (Carpaccio) is another menu I made on the same day. I used marinated onion with lemon juice and olive oil

Another dish I made with sashimi is another style of carpaccio. I used the mikan (Japanese orange) instead of lemon here. I also wanted to practice my plating skill too so it’s here.

A Stock

Last but not least, Japanese cuisine requires dashi (a stock) and a red snapper deliver a tasty stock from its bone

Now you might wonder which menu I will use it? This is my favorite dish that I cook it every time when I fillet this fish. It a rice that was cooked with a stock. The taste is like you put your face into a sea that filled with ingredients. One spoon of this rice will bring back your energy for a whole new day. I like having this in the morning.

Second one was an egg. I used the fourth part meat (meat from the bone). I minced it and put it with eggs and then make and Japanese omelet.

Last menu is a soup from a stock. It is a soup that put me into a health sleep on a cold night. I just boiled it with Kabu (Japanese radish-like vegetable). It will bring balance the dish and say goodnight to you.


So far I tried a different kind of post. Please let me know whether you like it or not. Every opinion will help me a lot. Thanks and see you again real soon.



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