Impressive Chef’s Table Experience at Florilege – My most favorite restaurant in Tokyo

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This is my second restaurant review in this Blog. This time I visited Chef Kawate’s Florilege, a Michelin-star restaurant here in Tokyo. (EDITED: Florilege become two stars restaurant in Tokyo 2018) Florilege is also 14th rank in Best Asian Restaurant 2017.

I have to mention here again, I write more in Thai version when I do a restaurant review so if you can read Thai, I recommend you switch it to Thai version.

Little thought before we dive in

Before I had a chance to visit here, I was so excited about the meal so much. because I read a book wrote by Chef Kawate and I’m impressed about his motivation and his thought about dishes. Moreover, this visit was also my first time for Chef’s Table restaurant experience.

Today agenda

Today I had a dinner menu with 11 plates paired with 4 creative cocktails within this blog. I will also put a score in my opinion after each dish name like the last post.

Projection: Baby corn [4/5]

First one here is a baby corn roasted with caramel and then they put it back into the same form. I like the idea of the taste of corn and caramel. I rate this one quite high because I felt like I want more when I finished it.

Hetero: Edamame [3.5/5]

Next is edamame (Japanese green bean) dish. The theme of this plate is a difference. Three parts of the dish are zucchini filled with cheese omelette, fried edamame and ice-cream edamame topped with meringue. I rate it as a good dish but I didn’t want it more, I want the next dish.

Bamboo shoot: Abalone [5/5]

Here we are! the best dish in this dinner course came. The bamboo shoot from Kyushu paired with abalone. Abalone was sauteed quite well so it softened so much. One of the best parts of the dish is other abalone taste was made into gastronomy pasta and also the salt-like black powder made from abalone liver.

The bamboo shoot and abalone themselves were good but I was shocked by the tastes enriched my mouth by pasta and liver powder. So I would put 5/5 points for this menu.

Sawagani fresh water crab [4/5]

The fourth one is getting a heavier taste. Sawagani is a fresh water (river) crab served with lobster bisque and sticky rice inside. The theme was bringing fresh water and salt water ingredients into the same dish. I like the soup I want it more but the taste was not “Wow” enough to differentiate from the other bisque I had before.

From this menu, I got cocktails pairing. The cocktail here at Florilege is quite fascinating as similar as food. The first one is a beer cocktail with ice flakes made from citrus juices. A bartender introduced it as an edible cocktail beautiful isn’t it?

Foie gras, Beef tongue [5/5]

Fifth now and I know that it is the most luxurious dish in this course so I don’t want to compare this with abalone one. This beef tongue is quite soft because he used a “Sous vide” bath before he smoked it. The Fois Gras is cooked perfectly so an enriched fat taste and truffle coated the tongue.

This one was pair with a glass of red wine. Of course, it made the dish 5/5 points in taste and yes I want more of this as much as I can have.

Baby Ayu Frit [4/5]

Sixth is here. Half way reached with deeply fried baby ayu frit with Ayu liver sauce. In Japan, Ayu is one of a famous kind of river fish which taste the best around mid-year. The frit taste like a snack but its liver sauce brings the dish to a new experience with a bitter taste. It is also a nice combination with a deep fried dish.

While having a bitter taste fried frit, the bartender brings a melon absinthe cocktail served in a small melon cup. A cold and fruitful taste of the melon cocktail remove oily taste and keep the mouth refreshing again while having another piece of frit.
Now I’m ready for the next one.

Kue Grouper, Eggplant [5/5]

Seventh is here. The meaty fish dish with Kue grouper. I looked it up on the Internet and found out that the Kue is one of a luxury fish. Based on the Internet, Kue is even more expensive than Tuna (compared by the weight and its price). This is served as Sashimi with grilled eggplant and eggplant sauce. Here comes another 5/5 dish for today, this dish has a good taste with soft gummy-like texture.

This dish also paired with a cocktail made from sweet eggplant and a bitter gourd water mixed with Japanese liquor

To Share (Duck) [4.5/5]

Last dish theme is “To Share”. It is a roast duck that will be shared with other customers. Sadly it is the last dish for the food. The taste is simple but great enough for me to put 4.5/5 here

It’s also a last cocktail for tonight. I got a mojito in a plastic back. The idea behind this is drinking while squeezing an ice ball. To be honest, this is a creative presentation but the taste is normal mojito in my opinion.

Hassaku Citrus, Yogurt [3.5/5]

The first dessert comes. Hassaku is a kind of citrus in Japan. It was served as a sorbet with homemade yoghurt. However, I felt that yoghurt is too good as it beaten the Hassaku sorbet here.

Blancmange, Coconut [4/5]

Second dessert is Blancmange made from coconut milk. As you might notice that I’m Thai and I love coconut milk dessert so much. I may be overrated this dish but I like the combination here.

Gift: Amazon Cacao [5/5]

Final dish is Amazon Cacao omelette shaped dessert. This is one of the best Cacao desserts I have ever had in my life. Its bitter taste of pure cacao is so nice at this age. This is the Cacao to die for. (Gordon Ramsey’s voice)

Lastly, the coated strawberry is the last here to refresh your mouth.

Final Thought and Evaluation

I would say this is a fantastic experience. I rated this as my most favourite restaurant in Tokyo and I answer everyone who asked me for the recommendation within this price range. Maybe it’s a little bit late this entire cost (not included the drinks) is 12000 Yen + 10% Service and 8% Vat.

Before I left, I took a photo with Chef Kawate and also asked him for a sign on his book too.

To be continued …

After putting this post on the shelf for almost a month, I spent quite a while on this post. Hope you guys like this. Please let me know what do you think about this. And I will come back later soon.



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