Best Yakiniku with Phantom Beef Tongue at Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara

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Yakiniku!! Yes, I’m back with a fresh new story here. If you are like me, a guy who loves eating beef so much especially yakiniku-style (Japanese BBQ), read through this blog post will give you an instant reason to visit (or revisit) Tokyo soon. With my words, I guaranteed this “Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara” is the best yakiniku place I ever had in my life.

So far, you can tell that I will do a brief review about my visit here. I know this place once a while and this is my second time visiting Nakahara. However, it’s actually a different experience because Nakahara-chef just decided to renew the menu in the restaurant into courses. Let’s see what I did have together. Note again that I will express more details in Thai post. If you can read Thai, please switch the language into Thai for a better post. (Sorry about that!)

The Journey Begins [4/5]

First of all, Amuse Bouche are corn beef and a slice of raw ham. Of course both of them are made from beef. Follows by one of my favorite menu a “Yukke” (Korean style raw beef served in egg yolks). Both of them are nice enough to make your mouth wet but they were slightly better than other restaurants’ I had before.

Phantom dish [5/5]

“OMG! This is so amazing.” I kept saying this the same thing for couple of times to my friends to a staff at Nakahara who were taking care this beef tongue. He also describes about the tongue that is so rare. Because you can have only “6” cuts of these from one cow. In the past we had to book for this tongue and last time we missed this. He also mentioned that this tongue was so hard to get, in the past some period they could get only one tongue per one day.

Outside texture was grilled making a reflection back to your teeth. Its taste is smoky beef with a caramel-like smell and a melting texture from bite to bite. A squeeze of lemon juice boosted the taste of salt and then the meat is gone leaving taste behind inside your mouth. We also received another two parts of tongues which are nice but nothing can surpass our phantom.

After having three parts of a tongue, we got a nice salad here. The bowl is quite big for one person but it was there not so long. FYI, I didn’t like vegetables before I come to Japan (it was okay to have it but I didn’t appreciate it). However, I love Japanese fresh vegetables so much since I’m here for a few years. This dish did make me smile too.

Mouth-washing beefs [4.75/5]

Sirloin is the next menu I got. I put 4.75 score up there because it was so great but the previous beef tongue taste is still there. According to the staff, sirloin is the most popular menu in the shop. Fat taste and red meat taste balance each other so well. It supposed to be the best part if there was no phantom tongue earlier.

Couples [4.5/5]

Things are heating up with “Kamenoko” and “Harami”. Our table staff was saying that he was suffering from seeing Harami being grilled without tasting it. He said this is his favorite part. Kamenoko is not so soft but yummy because the texture of red meat.

Keep them coming [4/5]

Next are “Ichibo” and “Tomosankaku”. Sorry about Japanaese name but I could not find an appropriate name in English. Tomosankaku is so fatty, it was so good but I cannot have it more than one. Ichibo is also fatty but compared to Tomosankaku it so light and tastier.

Noooooooo!? final plate is here. One more please! [4/5]

Final plate is “Horumon” which stand for beef offal. Of course I was putting 4/5 because they were delicious. I cannot bare with the ending so early so we order one more.

I asked for “Shinshin” (a part of a thigh). I used to have dish in the bistro restaurant in the past and I addicted to its. Luckily, Nakahara has it for us.

Another phantom is here [5/5]

The profile menu for the shop is here “Fillet katsu sandwich” using the beef fillet. “Damn!” was a word I said. It was not so beefy at all. It tastes high class sweetness and umami of steak but so soft like I was biting into beef tasted jelly. This would absolutely be another phantom. You can see from my happy face there 🙂

Last but not least, Gyudon [4/5]

Finally, closing the course with a bowl of gyudon (I asked for L size). There was a sesame ice cream but I forgot to take a photo (Sorry!). Tasty Japanese wagyu gyudon enriching with fat and taste.


Besides all of the photos I showed here, there were actually some side dishes between all of the meat up there. However, I didn’t take all of the photos so I decided not to put them up. You might wonder the score I would give this place. I would say “5/5”. I know, it’s not and average from all dishes’ scores I gave up there. But both phantoms dishes at the beginning and the end are totally amazing experience.

I did have the same menus at the other places before. I still can say today dishes were much better enough to show me my new experience. In summary, I will totally come again!! (if I have a enough budget >< ).

To be continued …

This is my once in a while blog post again. Sorry about being lazy. Again, if you like it let me know. If you don’t like it please also let me know. I hope to post a new blog soon. Thank you and bye bye.



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