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I used to tell to myself that I suppose to do a restaurant review only once per restaurant. However, I have to break my promise here because this time is a collaboration event La Cime X Florilege at Florilege. I used to review Florilege on my previous post at Impressive Chef’s Table Experience at Florilege – My most favorite restaurant in Tokyo. Before I go further, Florilege become a 2-star restaurant here in Michelin Guide Tokyo 2018.

This collaboration event partner is Chef Takada from La Cime another 2-star restaurant but in Michelin Guide Osaka 2018.

Luckily, I got a call after being on a waiting list two days before an event date. I recall that feel really happy when I saw a missed call from Florilege.


Today agenda are 4 Snacks, 6 Dishes and 2 Desserts. All of them are even numbers because dishes are served by both chefs turn by turn. If you are ready, let’s dive in.

4 Snacks [4.5/5]

Others are Boudin, Granny Smith Apple, Wakasagi in fried Gishi Gishi smartweed leaf and Fukinotou croquette.

Kawahagi / Prawn / Kimtsuba [5/5]

The first dish from La Cime is a seafood grilled fish called カワハギ (Kawahagi 皮-Kawa = a skin, 剥ぎ-Hagi = peel)

I like the healthy seafood smell and the combination of kimtsuba using as a lemon-like sour taste.

Mackerel / Hokkaido Blue Cheese [5/5]

Second dish but first from Florilege is marinated mackerel filled with sliced black truffle and sliced potato served with dried tofu skin and blue cheese sauce.

This dish has the nicest combination in this meal starting from mackerel taste, black truffle smell, soft dried tofu skin and finished with creamy blue cheese sauce.

Sticky Rice / Cauliflower / Milt / Squid Ink [4.5/5]

Back to Chef Takada’s Turn, he delivers a black dish. It’s actually a sticky rice risotto and a milt inside covered with thin-sliced cauliflower and squid ink sauce.

My score on this dish maybe bias because I love a milt taste so much. I also like a texture of risotto and cauliflower around a milt and a plating style on this dish as well.

Flounder / Taro / Ginger [4/5]

It’s a special event. So we use a special fish. A Gigantic grilled flounder is used for this dish. Its size is bigger than my upper body. This plate fish was cooked by Florilege but a side dish was cooked by La Cime.

One thing impressed me was the fish itself. I thought the dish was served with some with mousse on the top. However, it was a whole fish meat after I put my fork on it. It tasted salty fluffy grilled fish. Unfortunately, this flounder is nice but cannot beat other dishes on tonight.

Duck / Celeriac / Sandwich [5/5]

Back to a route Florilege sends a new dish, carpaccio duck ham with three sauces as celeriac, seri (Japanese vegetable) and duck liver on top with duck soup. Not only a carpaccio but another staff also brings a sandwich too.

Carpaccio taste different from the others I had before they also decorate the plate with three puree. It means that I could taste 3 tastes in one. So it’s a cheat.

Lamb / Oolong Tea / Red Bell-Pepper [4.5/5]

Final dish is a oolong tea roasted lamb ribs from La Cime with a mini hamburg stuffed inside red bell-pepper from Florilege.

I can smell oolong tea a bit on ribs. The taste of hamburg is also nice especially the basil leaf on top of its.

Kohlrabi / Yacon / Brown Sugar [5/5]

According to the menu, this one supposed to be the last one but I got it before another dessert because of the serving order which I has no problem with it.

Upper level tastes like normal creme brulee but lower level has coconut milk with tapioca pearls. I found it as a cheat because I always have this dessert when I was in Thailand and yet I missed it so much.

“Amaou” Strawberry / Pistachio [5/5]

Finally, it’s a deconstructed strawberry tart topped with fromange ice cream and pistachio mousse.

This sweet dish is so so so good. The sweetness of tart at the bottom are nice but the soft and light taste fromange cheese ice cream cut it down. Finally, there is a pistachio mousse a perfect combination with a strawberry. I would say this is one of the best sweets I ever had in my life.


Short conclusion, this is totally worth waiting in a waiting list. I would like to come here again with this special occasion. I didn’t regret it at all. Thank you very much La Cime and Florilege and an amazing experience tonight.

To be continued …

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