• The Way to Say Is Ninety Percent

    Wednesday, August 20, 2014 0 Permalink

    Last Friday (15 August), I have a chance to attend a seminar by Sasaki Kenichi, the author of best-selling book「伝え方が9割」(The way to say is ninety percent in English). In my opinion, this seminar’s contents are quite interesting and I think it is worth to share. So I summarize them in my way into this blog post.

    “The way to say is ninety percent” means that “If you know enough how to ask, you also can receive a better response.” According to coach Sasaki, sometimes we ask for something that almost impossible, but if we get “Yes” from that person, our life will be different. Moreover, the way to speak is not that hard to learn, coach Sasaki mentioned that it has recipes like ways we learn how to cook new dishes.

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