Perk (3): Another crack by a cancer perk

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After a half of a month in the hospital, I thought that my condition had become stable. I planned to finish my graduation thesis. However, the chemotherapy took my expectations down again. I sometimes had to vomit. My hair was also falling out all over the ground. The blood platelet rate still did not increase at all. (Which means that I could not have a meal so soon.)

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Perk (2): How I live with a cancer perk

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“Will I ever be cured,” is the question I asked the doctor. He nodded and replied me, “Yes, you will. You are still have a good luck left because your leukemia type is APL, which has 80% rate of cure. According to my experience, all of my patients are cured.”

Honestly, at the time I thought that an 80% rate was still too low for me. I have a leukemia with a one in million probability and I don’t think that it will be strange at all if I got put into another 20% uncured rate.

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Perk (1): This is how I got it. A cancer perk.

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This story is my own real experience. It happened when I was studying in Beppu City, Oita prefecture, Japan in 2011. I will start telling you my story now.

 Before it started

My story begins on 25 January 2011. I had some constipation on that day and I noticed that there was blood with my stools. At that time, I did not think that I might have any fatal illness at all. Since I was born, I have been living healthy all the time. I had never been admitted into a hospital. So I thought that I was tired from my studies and job hunting preparations.

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