Dry-Aged (2) – 2 Dry-Aged Beef after 2 Weeks

Thursday, March 2, 2017 0 No tags Permalink

After I had to tolerate every time I opened my fridge for two weeks, it’s time for me to use an excuse to open up these two dry-aged beef chunks. This time, I got my friends to help me taking photos while I invited them to taste (or share risks). Thank to them, I am able to post several photos in this post.

Before you go on scrolling down the post, please make sure that it’s not soon to be your bed time or you already had a meal. Don’t complain me. Just go to bed (promise me you will come back.), my blog will be here. I will definitely pay a hosting fee on time.

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Quality Learning

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 0 , Permalink

Japanese government has already made a condition for a chef certificate qualification (調理師 – Chorishi) if I make it a graduation. There are many things I have to achieve besides learning how to cook good foods. So today I am going to share a story behind a wall what have I been learning recently in order to be a qualified chef.

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Cooking and Me

“Time flies so fast” is a classic phrase which I think everyone has heard it many times. In this post, I would like to borrow this phrase too. As the title states, I have managed to teach myself how to cook since one year ago.

According to my first post on my Instagram, it was one year and four months up to this point. Last year, I was still a graduate student in Pittsburgh, USA. Time files and I’m currently working as a Japanese salary man in Tokyo which is 14-hours’ time zone difference distance.

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